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Citation Bravo

At Better Living Aviation, we are proud to offer a number of great options to our customers looking to charter an aircraft. One of our more popular options for both business and leisure purposes is our Cessana Citation Bravo. The Cessana Citation Bravo is the perfect aircraft choice for a group of business execs or a private family vacation. Whatever your needs may be, Better Living Aviation can provide accommodation with our Cessana Citation Bravo.

To find out more about the services and amenities included in chartering our Cessana Citation Bravo, please call Better Living Aviation today at 708-525-6312. You may also learn more about this and all of our other aircrafts by simply filling out the online request form located throughout our site.


The Cessana Citation Bravo is a versatile aircraft that is capable of transporting passengers with various travel needs. Our Cessana Citation Bravo seats up to 7 passengers comfortably in reclining leather captain’s chairs. The Citation Bravo is also extremely fuel efficient and can travel over 1,000 miles which makes it perfect for destinations that are farther away. Another benefit to the Citation Bravo is the numerous luxurious amenities it holds including, comfortable leather seating, full lavatory, foldaway tables and convenient storage options. The Cessana Citation Bravo is also equipped with a soundproof cabin so you can catch up on some rest during your travels. With a top speed of over 450 mph, the Cessana Citation Bravo allows travelers to get to their destination quickly and in style.


Maximum Range 1200 nm
Cruise Speed 450 mph
Seats 7 to 8


Affordable Rates on Chartering a Citation Bravo

Better Living Aviation offers the charter services of our Cessana Citation Bravo for fair and affordable rates. Please contact one of our team members with your trip details to find out more information regarding pricing.

For more information on the Cessana Citation Bravo and how it we can accommodate for your trip, please call Better Living Aviation today at 708-525-6312. Visitors can also get in touch with one of our team members by simply completing one of the easy-to-use forms located throughout our site.

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